Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wake Up…Moments of Inspiration Hits the Bestseller List


Wake Up…Moments of Inspiration Hits the Bestseller List

Wake Up Moments of Inspiration Hits Barnes and Noble Best Selling List

(Little Rock, March 19, 2009) Wake Up…Moments of Inspiration, the latest in the Wake Up…Live the Life You Love book series, recently hit No.34 in sales ranking on the Top 100 Bestsellers List at barnesandnoble.com.

”Some readers will find they have already had an inspirational Wake Up Moment, but failed to recognize its significance, said Robert Valentine, publications director of the Wake Up series. “One of the chapters in this book could open a door to a treasure of self-realization.”

Other readers will discover that they are not alone in the frustrating quest for certainty; for belief in self and trust in the future. One of these stories may shine a light on the steps to understanding and self-discovery that will prepare you for a Wake Up Moment that is, even now, waiting in the wings on the stage of your life, Valentine said.

Steven E, co-creator of the book series, praised the book as a tool for business builders or others seeking their own Wake Up Moment. Steven E is approaching the 28th book in the series that has made him internationally renowned; several of which have been translated for sale in China. Years ago, he experienced his own Wake Up Moment in the form of a dream. Thus began his career as a motivational speaker, writer and publisher.

Wake Up…Moments of Inspiration is now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and through the contributing authors. Other books in the series include Wake Up…Live The Life You Love: Giving Gratitude and Wake Up…Live the Life You Love: Seizing Your Success.

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