Sunday, August 24, 2008

Would You Like to Immortalize Yourself ?

Would you like to immortalize your business?

For a limited time only, if you pre-purchase 10 or more copies of the soon-to-be-released book “Wake Up!  Live the Life You Love - Wake Up Moments of Inspiration”, you will receive a free sponsor spot on one of Ben Abba’s future Achieving Immortality Channel podcasts.

Each podcast becomes a permanent part of the internet and is downloaded by thousands of people over. And each podcast has the potential of being heard by over a million podcast listeners worldwide.

So become a part of world history and immortalize yourself or your business with a message to the world.

Contact Ben Abba by leaving a comment on this blog, Ben Abba's main blog, or through for more details.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Learn the Secrets of Immortality from Those Who Have Already Found It. proudly presents its new podcast channel - The Achieving Immortality Podcast Channel.

Tumwater WA (Press Release) August 17, 2008

Can we really extend our lives to 150 years and beyond? Has anyone in our past or present accomplished such a feat? And if so, what can they teach us about achieving our own fountain of youth?

The Achieving Immortality podcast channel is a place to learn the secrets of immortality from scientists of our age, philosophers of our past, and, on occasion, from real life “immortals” who have lived past 150 years.

The Achieving Immortality Channel is the creation of Ben Abba, the author of the forthcoming new book: “Secrets of an Immortal – An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History”. This book will reveal for the first time that real immortals are living among us today; and they have much to teach us about human longevity, about world history, and about ourselves.

The debut podcast is titled “When Fact is Stranger Than Fiction” which describes Ben Abba’s experiences searching for and find real life supercentarians.

Episode 2 of the The Achieving Immortality Channel is titled “Living More than 150 Years by Those Who Done It” which will review the many of those people, on record, who have survived more than 150 years.

“Why Haven’t We Heard About Any Immortals in Our News” is the title of the third podcast of Achieving Immortality Channel. This third Episode will review the possible reasons why real life eternals avoid revealing their secret identities.

Episode 4 of the The Achieving Immortality Channel is titled “Extending Our Lives With the Help of Nature” which will review examples of immortality in the animal kingdom and the secrets they hold in extending our own lives.

Finally Episode 5 of the The Achieving Immortality Channel will be titled “Where’s the Proof That Immortals Exist?”. This podcast will attempt to review what evidence is currently available that physical immortality is possible and that real immortals may be living among us today.

Each extraordinary episode on will reveal another secret of extending our lives from those who are researching anti-aging and from supercentenarians who have already beaten the odds. is a podcast network that features podcast shows on channels that reflect a wide range of topics -- from golf to business strategies to twenty-somethings and beyond. is always on the lookout for new podcasting talent and businesses that are seeking an effective and cost-effective way to reach their niche marketing audience.

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